Blue House Atelier Playgroup 6

After last week Chinese New Year break, the playgroup session resume. Hooray!

Babe was attracted to the music instruments during the free play before sing along. Well I guess the early birds get their first pick of instruments.

I got a matching maracas!

Then is the compulsory (at least to Babe) Say-Hi-to-the-Dolls time.

The special setup for this week is plain water painting on black papers, which Babe enjoyed squeezing the sponge and splashing water with paint brush. She hadn't grasped the concept of drawing yet.

And how could she miss the lightbox, which is just next to her?

She started develop an interest of fitting rod into holes, but obviously she is not quite good yet.

Another special setup for this week is shredded paper! I thought this will be a big hit with Babe since she loves touching, crunching, tearing, eating (yes, eating, not typo) papers at home.

But she wasn't that enthusiastic when she saw it. Maybe she is still investigating this new material carefully.

The papers all over her were actually work by her excited mum.

Time for Row,Row, Row A Boat!

And this time round Babe found out she can row a ball too.

That concludes another session at Blue House Atelier. It might not seems much but Babe is always worn out after every session. I guess that means she is learning something?

First published on 20 March 2016.


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