Blue House Atelier Playgroup 7

Today is the start of a new term. This term will only last for 4 weeks as The Blue House is changing the playgroup from 8-week term to 12-week term. And we are going to miss 2 out of the 4 sessions because I have planned something else, thinking there won't be any sessions.

Anyway, something is better than nothing right?

The session started with Babe exploring a new setup - some crushed leaves/herbs/mint placed in seasoning bottles for the kids to smell. She didn't forget to taste the bottles too.

Babe exploring the smell of the leaves (and taste of the bottles).

Then she went to say hello to the dolls and did some poking at the lightbox. The dolls and the lightbox are her favorites. She played with them EVERY SINGLE TIME she comes to Blue House. 

Babe playing with dolls and lightbox.

Another special setup for the day is crumbled flour, which Babe shown very little interest in. So off we moved on to the next station...

Flour? Nah. Next please.

Cooking pretend play with Pasta! Well, obviously at this age they are not really engaging in full pretend play yet. It is more of a sensory + scooping + pouring station, which Babe has proven herself to be an expert in.

Whatever in the container must goes out.

In fact, she was enjoying herself so much that she stood up by herself! For the first time! And she did that for so long that I am able to take out my phone and capture it!

One can't crawl with full hand. 

"Okay, time to move on. The blocks looks interesting. And so does the piece of yellow clothes that lays beside it. Let me fit some blocks into the box and play peekaboo with the clothes" 

Busy.. busy...

"Oh! What's that?! There are some animals inside the mirror hut! Let me go check them out."

Hello Zebra, are you feeling comfortable here?

The teacher setup some coloured acrylic blocks at the lightbox for some light and color exploration... while Babe thinks it is still better to investigate the taste.

How does that taste like? Acrylic blocks?

Another sensory play station, this one with shredded papers. Babe had a blast here, which is a strong contrast from few weeks ago where she is totally lukewarm towards it.

It is raining shredded papers!

Babe discovered some hanging scarves from the ceiling! "It is time get mummy to raise me up to get them."

Scarf! Scarf! Scarf in the air! And I WANT it!

And last hug with the doll before ending the session.
I don't want to go.

Well, that concludes another playgroup session with Blue House Atelier. It is really pure play/exploring/roaming/discovering/do-whatever-you-please session.

First published on 19 March 2016.


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