Blue House Atelier Playgroup 8

This is our last session with The Blue House for their short playgroup. And the theme of today's play is .... drum roll.... ANIMALS!

It is such an coincident as we just went to the zoo the day before. So the animal theme "should" resonates well with Babe. Although I highly doubt whether she can remember anything at all.

The special setup of the days is a cooked corn sensory play with farm animal models in it.

Farm-theme sensory play with cooked corns and animal models. 

Babe seems to enjoy (eating) the corn a lot. :D

More into the corn than animals.

Another special setup is cut out animal shapes on OHP.

Cut out animal shapes. 
But actually she has no idea what to do with it.

Mama, what do I do with these?

Some new items for exploration this week are cotton balls, cork and shredded plastic.

Babe is very intrigued by the cotton balls and managed to eat a few of them....

Yummy cotton balls! The taste like cotton candy! Or not?

And she is becoming an expert with shredded items.

I pull, pull, pull

The bells are out again this week. Time for some jingle!

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way...

And the perennial favorites, Light Box and Shapes Sorter.

Light box again. It is always a big hit with the kids.


Babe is less adventurous this week. I guess the big gap in between lesson has lessen her familiarity. Kids thrive most when they feel secured and with just enough new provocation for them to challenge themselves. It is not easy to achieve such balance.

First published on 1 April 2016


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