EtonHouse Thomson Open House

Entrance of EtonHouse Thomson. 

I went for EtonHouse Thomson Open House on 19 March 2016. I must say I am very impressed with their compound and facilities.

The EtonHouse Thomson building used to be Celebrities Resort Club so there is some sense of grandeur surrounding it. There is a water fountain greeting you at the main entrance and a large field with plenty of trees dotted on it. There is also a swimming pool within the compound but currently it is not adapted to children yet. So no swimming classes for now.

The environment is heavily Reggio Emilia-influenced. Almost everything used are natural and there is plenty of light, and plenty of nature exploration (such as sea shell, pine nuts etc). And students collects nature items from the field for their work.

The lobby at the main building. 

Because photography is restricted, I can't take pictures of the beautiful classrooms we were shown during the open house. Multiple stations (such as drawing, reading, sandplay, exploratory box, light box) were setup beautifully throughout the classroom is a very engaging manners.

Some corners of the classroom. 

There are also plenty of sand play and construction play stations setup outside the classrooms. During our visit, there are some children having a blast at the play stations. There is also an art atelier where children can embark in more serious art work and cooking session at the kitchen.

The art atelier at EtonHouse Thomson. 

The main reason I was visiting EtonHouse Thomson is to check out their Parent & Me Playgroup Program. It is a twice-a-week, 1.5 hours, adult-accompanied program from 9-17 months old. I was thinking of switching program for Babe as Blue House is a bit inconvenient for us.

However, I find their Playgroup classroom is a bit cramp (compared to Blue House) and the quality of materials used is not as nice. In comparison, the space and materials for their Pre-Nursery and onward classes are much nicer. Moreover, twice a week schedule is also too packed for Babe. So seems like we are back to Blue House for now.

On the other hand, I like the way they try to connect their preschool program with International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program. I think it will offer a better preparation for primary school (assuming the kid is going for IB program) than a pure Reggio Emilia or Montessori preschool.

First published on 5 April 2016.


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