Babe's First Birthday!

One year ago, I thought I will have a huge celebration for Babe's first birthday, mainly because I think I will need to commemorate that I HAVE SURVIVED FOR ONE YEAR!

However, one year later, I am totally lukewarm over her upcoming birthday, partially because I sort of realized that there are TWENTY MORE YEARS to go, so there isn't really much for celebration. >.<

As Babe is still too young to really play with peers and she doesn't really have many friends of her own yet, it will still be mainly an adult party with a few kids. This makes venue selection pretty difficult since adult won't really enjoy children playground while children will get bored at adult restaurant.

So after MUCH deliberation, we decided to just have a meal gathering with the immediate family. The idea is to choose a kid-friendly restaurant with children playground so that the adult can eat while the children play. After crawling through the net for recommendation (see here, here, here and here), I decided to have it at Suntec Marche.

Picture shot with Babe at Suntec Marche.

That turns out to be a bad idea. First, it was VERY CROWDED on the weekends. And there was a birthday celebration going on. The playground was overflowed with kids thus there is zero chance for little baby like Babe to venture in.

Then the seats aren't the most comfortable for a large group of people and there isn't much conversation going on because of the noise around.

The lighting is also not the most conducive for photo-taking and they charge $20 for cake cutting within their premise. As a result, we left right after lunch then search around Suntec City for a place to cut the cake.

Luckily Dallas Restaurant & Bar at the Suntec Sky City is kind enough to let us to cut our cake there as long as we ordered some drinks. It is a beautiful setting with sunlight filtered through the sky roof. I am so going to have my next celebration here.

Cake cutting. Behind us is Dallas Bar & Restaurant at Suntec Sky City.


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