Babe 2nd Birthday on Yacht!

Babe's birthday is very close to my brother's birthday. So we decidedly to celebrate together this year, with something different... on a yacht!'

Actually this was a very last minute decision. After some searching online, we found White Sails offering their boat at $599 for 4 hours for 8 pax, which isn't too bad. So off we book and go.

Upon arriving at One15 Marina Club, we found out that we got upgraded to their Sun Rise yacht, which originally costs $799 for 4 hours. Cool!!

The standard itinerary is to cruise over to Lazarus Island for few hours of swimming and kayaking then back.

Needless to say, we enjoyed our way there.

The water at Lazarus quite clear with small stripe of white powder sand. We swam and kayak. White Sails provides 2 kayak free, which is cool. I think they also provide snorkeling kits and fishing tools but we didn't use that.

Of course, there is the cake cutting. We brought our own food without extra charges. But if you are lazy, White Sail also has catering options.

On our way back, we top up $150 for city view cruise before heading back to One15 Marina Club.

Lovely way to end the celebrations!


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