Hong Kong Disneyland March 2017

Babe is not thrill to see an adult size Mickey Mouse. 

Babe's first Disneyland!!

We didn't do much research for this trip. So zero expectation and zero preparation.

We bought 2-day tickets sorely based on the expectation that we need more time with kids tagging along. Without knowing better, we entered Disneyland on Sunday and Monday. What a huge different in terms of crowd! We queued for 45 min for Flight of Dumbo on Sunday while there is literally no or just 5 min queue for almost all the rides on Monday. Thanks to that we managed to do everything on Monday alone.

The key takeaway: Go on a Weekday!

The highlight of the trip is definitely the Disney Character Breakfast at Enchanted Garden Restaurant.

During our trip there, there are 2 restaurants offering Disney Character Dining:
  • Chef Mickey at Disney's Hollywood Hotel
  • Enchanted Garden Restaurant in Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. 

Even though we were staying at Disney's Hollywood Hotel, we decided to have our breakfast at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel as Enchanted Garden has more characters (Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Pluto) while Chef Mickey only has Mickey Mouse.

It is slightly more expensive at Enchanted Garden (Weekday Breakfast: HKD328 + 10% for adult and HKD218 + 10% for kids), compared to HKD 238 + 10% for adult and HKD 158 + 10% for kids at Chef Mickey. Since Babe is less than 3 years old, she gets to eat free.

We also purchased the Photopass for the Character Breakfast at HKD398, where you get a copy of photos taken by their professional photographer and comes with variation of borders and character signature decoration.

This is not necessary as they gladly take photos with your mobile phones for free. But of course their photo will looks nicer with better cameras and equipment.

This is our camera pictures.....

We stayed 1 night at Disney's Hollywood Hotel. Actually we wanted to stay 2 nights but it has been fully booked. It is quite a pity because we didn't get to really enjoyed the hotel facilities since we spent 2 full days in Disney.

I highly recommend staying in Disney hotels because it really completes the Disney magic with Mickey motif everywhere.

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel. We only passed by. It is so beautiful.


I personally find Hong Kong Disneyland is very suitable for young kids. There is very little queue on weekday so it is great for little ones with no patience to queue. And it is small enough for us to complete the whole park with kids.


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